Goodsphere Air Revitalizer

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Home Testimonials
Tet R. Jotie Cottonwood Heights, Antipolo City
"I discovered Goodsphere by accident when I visited IAJ Wellness office for Breville products. It’s there that I saw the Goodsphere system on display and in operation. I am very fond of aromatherapy and I have been looking for one that doesn’t use oil, wax, fire and chemicals. I’ve tried different type of air fresheners, deodorizers but nothing has really satisfied my needs until I discovered Goodsphere.

I was particularly happy about it’s 4-in-1 product features – Aromatherapy, Air Purifier, Ionizer, Humidifier. More importantly, the essences are made from natural ingredients and are eco-friendly.

Today, I have about 8 bubble size and 2 of the original big bowls at home and in the office. Now, whether I am home or at work, I get the benefit of breathing only sweet smelling and clean air inside my rooms. I’ve also gifted my own mother and mother-in-law a bubble each and both truly appreciated it.


I have recommended the product to my relatives, friends and officemates. I am very open in sharing with them the benefits I get from using Goodsphere products."

- Tet R. Jotie
   Cottonwood Heights, Antipolo City


"I have been using Goodsphere since 2005. Goodsphere air revitalizer did well with my family at times when my children are with colds during rainy months. With eucalyptus solution, recovery is shortened because of the effects the herbs did and it not only induced sleep and also make the quality of sleep deeper thus revitalizing and re-charging their energies. In no time, they recovered. For me and my wife, Goodsphere Lavander Essence is perfect. After a stressful day at the office, the aroma of lavender and clean air relaxes our muscles and spirit making us rejuvenated the next day. I have recommended the Goodsphere System to our cash center in iBank. Coins and bills contain germs and bacteria and it flows in the air causing respiratory deceases and ailments among our employees. With the installation of Goodsphere System our people in the cash enter improved their efficiency and wellness. Several clients of mine, smokers, bought the product to take a pro-active stance in protecting their families from the harmful effects of second hand smoke."

Rudy Ong
Vice President
Retail Banking Sector Head
Asia Trust Bank